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Forecast room for the next Grand-Prix
Australia  Australia  Australia
will be opened soon



Super Soft



Rank Pseudonyme Points
Positionrovm89 4766 
PositionBOXER 4764 
PositionSybellion 4734 
PositionIcyLeoli 4718 
PositionGevis 4715 
PositionKonDe 4694 
PositionSHIRLEY 4694 
PositionThe Amish Hunte 4688 
PositionThe_Doctor_VR|4 4681 
Positiontazza911 4676 
Access General Standing
Rank Pseudonyme Points
PositionDe Santis  366 
PositionMartinKoenders  363 
PositionVesHieta  362 
PositionKonDe  355 
Positionloups  355 
PositionGevis  353 
PositionCapt Oblivious  351 
Positionkalla  350 
Positionplaco  348 
PositionIcyLeoli  344 
Access GP Standing

Next GP (Australia) will start in
5 5
9 9
0 0
4 4
3 3
3 3
1 1
8 8




Australia (Melbourne) / 25 March
 Bahrain (Manama) / 8 April
cn China (Shanghai) / 15 April
azerbaijan Azerbaijan (Bakou) / 29 April
 Spain (Barcelona) / 13 May
 Monaco / 27 May
 Canada (Montreal) / 10 June
 France (Le Castellet) / 24 June
 Austria (Spielberg) / 01 July
 U.K.(Silverstone) / 08 July

 Germany (Hockenheim) / 22 July
 Hungary (Budapest) / 29 July
 Belgium (Spa) / 26 August
 Italy (Monza) / 02 September
 Singapore (Marina Bay) / 16 September

 Russia (Sochi) / 30 September
Japan (Suzuka) / 07 October
USA (Austin, TX) / 21 October
mx Mexico (Mexico City) / 28 October
Brazil (Interlagos) / 11 November
Abu Dhabi (Yas Marina) / 25 November


Keep in touch with us and never forget a week-end of Grand-Prix. At the beginning of each race week you will receive a newsletter which will remind you the next race.


For 2018, the F1-Forecast Team presents the 13th edition of its famous Formula 1 forecast game.

The game procedure is very simple

Predict the first 5 drivers of the starting grid, the first 10 drivers of the race and the driver who will perform the best lap in race.

You can submit your predictions for qualifying and the race separately to adjust your predictions for the race after the qualifying session.

The forecast time limit is 5 minutes before the beginning of the qualifications or the race. Countdowns are available on the forecast pages giving the remaining time before the closing round.

For the scoring, we will take into account the demotions and/or disqualifications imposed by the FIA.

In addition, bonus will be awarded to players who will perform feats.

For more information, read the Game Rules F1-Forecast 2018.

You can submit predictions as long as you want until the forecasts are open. Only the last validated forecast will be taken into account for the points calculation.

Join or create a group in order to play with your familly members, your colleagues or friends. A general ranking of the groups will be published.

Good luck to everybody and thanks to choose F1-Forecast for your predictions on the F1 Season 2018.

Register now, it only takes 1 minute.

The prediction game F1-Forecast.com has no official association with or any form of endorsement by the Formula One Group and the FIA Formula 1 World Championship.

The F1-Forecast.com prediction game is a personal non-profit initiative whose sole purpose is to allow Formula 1 fans to participate in a prediction game about the results of the Formula 1 season underway.

The F1-Forecast.com prediction game is completely free of charge. Everybody can register to the web site for free and participate to the game.


Discover the Formula technologies thanks to the "F1 Forecast Technical Files" as well as the "Miscellaneous Technical Files".